Can gratitude transform your work-life?

Business plus gratitude equals success. 👌

Or is gratitude a bit too woo woo for you? 👀

About a year ago I slipped a disc in my back.

😞 Standing was painful.
😞 Sitting hurt a lot.
😞 Riding a bike was not possible.

So as I completed my first 50 mile ride this year, I punched the air “YES!”

I am grateful and celebrated with a English breakfast.

Disclaimer: 📣 This is not advocating English breakfast as a regular diet for anyone.

This is advocating taking a moment to be grateful for the simple things in life.

What are you grateful for over the past week?

➛ Surviving stressful a week
➛ Handling conflicts with stakeholders
➛ Connecting with a colleague you have not spoken with for a while.

There are so many things.

Or is gratitude a bit too woo woo for you? 👀 Don’t knock it until you try it.

Remember ✍️ you don’t have to celebrate with a English breakfast.

Instead take a few minutes today to pause and ask yourself …

“What am I grateful for over the past week?”

Enjoy the moment.
You earned it. 🏆
Do you practice gratitude? Or is it too woo woo?
Please share your view in the comments below.

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